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Last updated 2004-11-08.

Note: Since taking the helm at About Chess, I've expanded my interest in chess links from the chess history sites which were once listed here. Many of the links here were duplicated on About Chess and, as everyone knows, maintaining duplicate sources of information is inefficient and leads to errors.

All of the English-language sites which used to be listed here are now on About Chess, although not necessarily under the category called Chess History. On the page you're reading I now link to the categories where those sites can be found (Art/Literature, Game downloads, etc.) and include a brief explanation about why the category is relevant to chess history. Of course, you'll also find sites in those categories that were never listed here.

Sites which are not in the English language continue to be listed here. - Mark Chess History
History General chess history, origin of chess
Events Tournaments, matches; World Championship, Olympiad related to Chess History
Art/Literature Libraries, images
Blogs/mags/columns General chess sites often have articles on chess history
Computer Chess History Computer chess has its own history
Game downloads Game archives
Players/people Historical personalities
Reference Encyclopedias
Variants Precursors of chess

Not on Language
Breve storia degli scacchi by Andreas Vogt I
Chess art and culture by Coco & Crispi I
Culture et Curiosités by Gérard Demuydt F
Index of /naocc/histoire by Pierre Albert F
La grande storia degli scacchi by Claudio Sericano I
La storia, personaggi e biblio by Marco A. Alberti I
Les jardins de Caïssa by Luc Winants F
Max Euwe Centrum Amsterdam, NL NL
Old in Chess by Oscar Alfredo Zaiko E
Palmarès des principaux tournois by Eric Delaire F
Schach-Ereignisse by Erhard Frolik D
Schach-Zettel by Harald E. Balló D
Schachgeschichte by Fred Kahl D
Schackets Kulturhistoriska Sällskap by Sthig Jonasson S
Segerschach by Lutz Seger D

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